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      1. 先進聚合物基納米給藥

        時間:2019-06-28瀏覽:317編輯:攝影:    通訊員:設置

        目:Nanoscale polymer-based systems for advanced drug delivery


        報告人:Prof. Dr. Gareth R Williams

        University College London (UCL),       UK


        間:2019628 (周五下午14:00





        Gareth received a MChem (Hons) degree       from the University of Oxford in 2002.

        He remained in Oxford for a DPhil (PhD)       in materials chemistry working with Prof Dermot O’Hare, which was completed       in 2005.

        Gareth then spent three years working       in science programme management for the UK government, before returning       to Oxford to take up a post-doctoral position in 2009.

        In September 2010 he joined London       Metropolitan University as a Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Science,       and in November 2012 was appointed to the UCL School of Pharmacy as a       Lecturer in Pharmaceutics.

        He was promoted to Associate Professor       in 2016 and recognized as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in       2017.

        Gareth leads a group of around 20       researchers working on a range of topics in drug delivery and vaccine       formulation. His group is particularly interested in using polymer-based       nanomaterials (particles and fibers) prepared by electrohydrodynamic       approaches for improving the efficacy of vaccines, targeted drug       delivery, and theranostics.